Podcasts are a place for experimentation #RDE16

Podcasting is disrupting audio on demand.
“There are new players in the field all the time, making it vibrant and sexy again,” said Kaitlin Prest who makes a podcast called The Heart in America.
Podcasts are becoming a place for experimentation by innovative creative audio producers, according to Prest. Her podcast is an audio art project about intimacy, sex, love and relationships on the successful RadioTopia podcast network. She recently won a Prix Italia for her new radio format.
What has she learnt from podcasting?
“You need to grab attention really fast because there’s so much out there. If listeners don’t like your content they just move on.”
The podcast audience is impatient and podcasters need to hook them in early.
She also thinks that podcasts must be made with the podcast audience in mind so that listeners can connect to the content. It is not always like making live radio.

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