The prank that stopped the office

Jonesy & Amanda sabotage KIIS on Melbourne Cup day.

To make way for a Melbourne cup-themed display, Jonesy and Amanda discovered the WSFM letters had been pushed aside and replaced by the ‘other station’ in the building: KIIS.

‘I’ll tell you what the matter is, there’s a couple of other radio stations in this building. They’ve tried to create a horse-racing theme … and look! Where are we?’ asked Amanda, gesturing to the bright pink KIIS lettering decorating the foyer. ‘We’re in the knackery, over there.’

Jonesy and Amanda then proceeded to drag the WSFM letters into position in front of the KIIS logo. ‘That’s better,’ said Amanda. ‘We’re out of the knackery and in the starting block.’

‘This is great! This is like Animal House!’ said Jonesy of the prank. 

Watch the full clip here

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