Previewing Jo & Lehmo’s Nude Food

After learning about London’s first nude restaurant ‘Bunyadi’ which has over 30,000 people on the waiting list, Gold 104.3‘s Jo & Lehmo decided it’s time we celebrate our bodies and launch Australia’s first ever nude restaurant tonight. 
Nude Food is all about celebrating a healthy and positive body image, from the different shapes and sizes to those affected by disease and injury.

Guests tonight include cancer survivors, mum’s who want to promote healthy body image for their kids, people who are insecure about their bodies and would never strip down in public to people who fully embrace a nude lifestyle!
Allison from Ringwood East is in remission from a very rare form of cancer, “The way I look at it, it’s OK to have fear but don’t let fear stop you.I fought an extremely long and hard battle for a year and thee days I look at life extremely different, and I’m blessed every single day of my life, and I have amazing family, friends, and partner and gorgeous son, and I look at life with experiences now and I want to look back when I’m old and I want to laugh about the things I’ve done, and this is one of them”

This week Jo Stanley got nude with three strangers – Claire, Georgia and Karen, “I just sort of felt like I don’t want to get nude at the restaurant because there will be people there that I work with, namely Lehmo, and that’s weird. But I am sort of interested in this process of understanding your body in a different way, such that you might like it regardless of how it looks. That would be so freeing for me, free of that self-talk that makes you think, ‘that’s not right’,”.

Lawrence & Regina, both nudists – entered the studio in robes. Nudity is not sexuality. You can be naked along with a lot of people and feel very comfortable and relaxed.

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