‘Radio Everyone’ to help ‘Project Everyone’ reach the world

In September, the United Nations will release a list of ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, aimed at ending extreme poverty and addressing climate change. 

UK film director and founder of Comic Relief, Richard Curtis is behind a project that will take these goals to the world.  He’s called it “Project Everyone’.

It is innovative way to take these goals to the world’s population of 7 billion people.

The project includes the world’s largest lesson, which would involve schools around the world teaching the goals to students during the campaign. 

Radio Everyone is a 7-day pop up, global radio station which is a part of ‘Project Everyone’.

It will be at the forefront of the activity to exploit radio’s unique position as the world’s most accessible medium and harness the collective power of broadcasters to communicate the goals to people across the globe.

Deena Saeed is the Head of Partnerships for Radio Everyone, and spoke about this global initiative at RadioAsia 2015.

“The more who know about them (goals) the more chance there is of success”, says Saeed.

The project kicks off with a Global Citizen Concert in New York, which will also be made into a 1 hour special.

“The idea of Radio Everyone is to get lots of interesting stuff and pulse it across the world, so we can get these goals into peoples’ hearts and minds and end poverty and tackle climate change,” Richard Curtis told the conference through a short video.

The world’s biggest musicians and cultural icons have signed up to mix entertainment with the goals, and produce a variety of content including one hour long form content, with a pop up stream available on multiple platforms.

Musician and producer Peter Gabriel is making the audio, which will include packaging the content using a variety of talent. 

There will also be short form audio, which will help stations make the content they want.

“We want to connect the world for 7 days to get behind this important message,” says Saeed.

Project Everyone starts September 26, and runs to October 2.  Content is free, and radio stations from the UK and the USA through to Africa have already signed up.

Find more information at www.project-everyone.org.

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