Radio KLFM becomes Emergency Broadcaster

Radio KLFM Central Victoria has become an Emergency Broadcaster after signing a memorandum of understanding with the Minister for Police, Emergency and Bushfire Response Kim Wells at the State Control Centre in Melbourne yesterday.

Minister Wells said, with the signing of KLFM as an emergency broadcaster, 35 extra towns will receive emergency warnings and information via KLFM.

The station played a major role during the Black Saturday bush fires keeping listeners informed with emergency information, according to KLFM General Manager Brad Geier.

I’m delighted that we, along with Emergency Authorities now have this agreement in place that will ensure accurate and timely information is broadcast during an emergency,” said Geier.

Minister Wells said “community stations are at the hub of their community with listeners tuning in for local information.”

Geier said that KLFM can now be activated at any time by the State Control Centre to provide information to listeners in times of an emergency.


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