Who’s that woman standing next to Harley Oliver?

A night at the art gallery with Peter Saxon

If you’re a regular listener to Jonesy and Amanda on WSFM, you’re likely acquainted with Harley Oliver, Amanda Keller’s husband of 25 years and butt of countless on-air jokes. For the most part, Harley’s happy to be the man behind the high profile woman. But last night, all eyes were on him, or rather his paintings. 

Harley, who is credited with a long and distinguished career as a television writer and producer has turned his hand to the brush and canvas. So good is his initial offering that he’s managed to land an exhibition, entitled Inappropriate Nudity at the prestigious Stanley Street Gallery in trendy Darlinghurst.

Not that I know much about art. I’m not even sure I know what I like. But my good wife, Pauline, a trained art historian, does. She gives Harley’s work two thumbs up. In fact, Harley had already sold two of his paintings within 20 minutes of the gallery opening its doors. While one was bought by unamed collector, the other was purchased by his wife – which, Harley lamented, he’ll end up paying for one way or another.

As opening nights for art exhibitions go, this was more glittering than most given the assembled radio and TV talent.

Fresh from his stellar engagement at the CRA Radio Conference in Melbourne two weeks ago,  Andrew Denton opened the exhibition with his trademark wit. Looking around the room, of paintings, many of them following a theme of naked women with a bag over their heads, Denton seemed to know what his audience was thinking – “which one of these is Amanda?”

Other guests included Amanda’s “other husband” her WSFM co-host Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones, Program Director Charlie Fox and recent ACRA winner and Executive Producer Laura Viglino.

Friend of Harley and Amanda, and co-host with Amanda on Ten’s The Living Room Barry ‘Baz’ Du Bois joined in on the celebrations with Peter Colquhoun, resident architect on Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens.

Other guests included Channel 7’s Michael Pell, who dropped in on the celebrations after seeing Andrew Denton earlier in the day at Kerry Stokes’ book launch, 2GB afternoon presenter Chris Smith and nutritionist Susie Burrell, presenter of ABC’s 7.30 Report Leigh Sales, and Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst.

Harley Oliver’s debut solo exhibition, Inappropriate Nudity, at Stanley Street Gallery in Darlinghurst runs until November 22. Find out more and see Harley’s art at: http://stanleystreetgallery.com.au/exhibitions/harley-oliver29th-oct-22nd-nov-2014

1. Jonesy, Amanda and Andrew Denton
2. ABC’s Leigh Sales and Harley Oliver
3. Husbands and Wives – Brendan Jones and wife, Helen. Amanda nad Harley.
4. 2GB’s Chris Smith and Susie Burrell


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