Radio listening much higher in Australia than other countries: Larry Rosin

In the latest Infinite Dial Australia study. for CRA, released last week by U.S. based Edison Research, its President Larry Rosin gave the Aussie radio a clean bill of health.

As part of the full online presentation of findings, Mr Rosin was particularly impressed with the fact that 80 percent of Australians 12+ would listen to radio content whether on-air or line each week.

“I can tell you, at 80%, it’s a much higher number than the other infinite Dial studies we do for other countries around the world.

“Even as new options have grown for Australians, their feelings towards radio listening haven’t changed at all. 

“As a visitor to Australia many times and as someone who listens to it online, Australian Radio remains a really vibrant media with great talent, great investment.

“So, as Australians take on new things, they also stick with their radio habits,” Mr Rosin concludes.

If you missed it, here’s the full presentation that measures and compares the all sorts of audio from podcasting to smart speakers.