Radio man turns on TV

Ex Nova jock Andy Grace has started up a website that he describes as, “The New Online Resource For The Australian Television Industry”. Grace, who’s a fully qualified systems engineer, also played a pivotal role in the technical development of the radioinfo site. Now he’s set up his own site for, says Grace,
“Anyone who has tried to earn a buck or three out of the Australian Television business”.

The site, currently offers job links, online chat, TV technology reviews, classifieds and fresh industry news that is constantly updated and opinionated. And, for the time being, it’s all free.

“It’s a one stop shop for everyone in this wonderful biz we call Telly,” says Grace. “It’s kind of like a big group hug, and don’t we need it in TV? If you see or hear of anything you think is newsworthy, or maybe you’re looking for new talent for your next project, check us out and sign up on the site, it’s free.”

In the past three years, Andy has programmed the radioinfo website for the Australian radio industry, hosted Net2Nite, a syndicated show across the United States of America, reported about technology on Australian TV and has been the outright number one rating night and afternoon host on Nova 96.9 in Sydney.

He owns his own Betacam camera and Avid edit suite and is currently producing a film on what it’s like being a radio announcer, most of which will probably end up on the cutting room floor.

Andy can be contacted on 0421 639237

Andy is looking for submissions from all media – particularly news stories, job advertisements and classifieds. Please send all releases to [email protected]