Radio Plays are not dead on Nova 100

Unlike ABC Radio, where radio plays have been axed, Nova Melbourne is bringing back the radio play… although the production standards are a little different.


Nova 100’s Hughesy & Kate this morning created a radio play called Those Summer Nights, a look back at a continuing theme on the show, the Rhonda and Ketut holiday romance.

The new Rhonda, Kate Langbroek, was joined by the real Ketut and narrator Hughesy, at the fictitious beach scene outside Hotel Swank in Seminyak.

Re-visiting Ketut’s famous phrases “You look hot today, Rhonda” and “Remember: eyes on the road”, the play was a parody of the Rhonda/Ketut story so far.


Hughesy read out reviews of the radio play discussing that Kate’s timing was way off, “It was so terrible it was funny #rhonda”. Hughesy critiqued Kate’s performance, “stilted, awkward, timing was right off, you told the narrator that he wasn’t meant to speak and he should have spoken, you cut the narrator right out.”

After the show today Rhonda, Ketut and Hughesy filmed the radio play, set against a beach scene with beach lounges and cocktails and Rhonda’s panda eyed suntan. The results of their cinematic extravaganza are below.