A radio prank for good, not evil

A prank, by definition is a practical joke. Although not necessarily practical for the target or the butt of the joke, it is a very practical way for the station to entertain a target audience – albeit at someone else’s expense.

Some would argue that making someone feel good is just as practical, if not more so, than making them feel bad.

Well here’s a prank sent to us by Australian ex-pat Keith “Chook” Fowler who runs Resonate’s stations in Hawaii. 

He writes, “Yes birthday calls are a little old fashioned but here’s something that happened on Wednesday on our little radio station on the Big Island of Hawaii.

“Our breakfast team went to great lengths to get audio from every one who wanted to wish Stormy a happy birthday.

“What they didn’t know was that his mother was going to film him as it went to air. This is what she sent to us after it was  over.”

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