Radio promo vehicles have never looked like this before

The Today Network is setting a new standard in promotional cars teaming up with Ambi Pur to launch a luxury vehicle called Pamela Vanderson. Get it? Pamela V-anderson? As in Pamela Anderson? From Baywatch?

Instead of simply handing out plastic bags full of free stuff, this vehicle will be put to much better use as a chauffeur-driven vehicle for listeners of the Dan and Maz Show to access from around Australia. That means this vehicle could end up anywhere. And thanks to Ambi Pur, it will never take on the odour that most over-used promotional vehicles seem to take on, like cinnamon donuts and the sweat of those desperate to break into radio by doing crosses back to the station of their choice.

Pamela Vanderson is a converted 1974 Kombi Van that will be on the road for the next 30 days. Listeners can book their ride by registering on the station website. That means groups of listeners can arrive to any event in style.

After registering at, a select few will be transported across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle. It seats up to eight people, has been fitted with neon lights, animal covered seats and an “ahooga” horn. The exterior is wrapped in a giant photo of Dan and Maz dressed in their Baywatch best, read swimmers, a couple of palm trees, and the promise of adventure. Registrations open today.

Dan and Maz wanted a show car with a difference and asked listeners for their suggestions. And now, Pamela Vanderson has been born, complete with a Twitter handle @PamVanderson. Ambi Pur came to the party by offering to keep the van smelling just peachy.

Brand manager Suraen DeSilva said, “Ambi Pur we know all too well that at any moment, your car could be hijacked by bad smells. Our challenge to Dan & Maz with the Ambi Pur Road Trip around Australia is to make sure Pamela Vanderson DOESN’T GIVE ODOURS A RIDE. We can’t wait to see how she will stand up to the 30 day odour free challenge regardless of where she goes or what she gives a ride to.”

Each weekend Dan and Maz will release a video recap from the state Pamela Vanderson has visited and it will be posted at

Here’s where it’ll be each weekend:

Weekend 1 – Sydney
Friday August 8 – Sunday August 10

Weekend 2 – Brisbane
Friday August 15 – Sunday August 17

Weekend 3 – Newcastle
Friday August 22 – Sunday August 24

Weekend 4 – Melbourne
Friday August 29 – Sunday August 31

Weekend 5 – Adelaide
Friday September 5 – Sunday September 7

Weekend 6 – Perth
Friday September 12 – Sunday September 14

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