Radio is voice with emoticons: Merrick at Mumbrella 360

“You can’t always understand what people mean on social media… you can’t hear the tone, the meaning… so social media is not always the best medium for understanding tone.

But the voice is the mirror of the mind, with radio you do have tone. Radio is voice with emoticons.”

Merrick Watts and a panel of radio personalities talked about the connection with listeners at the Mumbrella 360 Conference today in Sydney.

A key point raised by all of them is the importance of the personal connection between the presenters and the audience, it is good for ratings and for sales. Ben Fordham explained it, saying he thinks of his 2GB drive show as the listeners program, not his own. “They were listening long before I was doing the show,” he said.

The panel also put to rest the misconception that breakfast tv is stronger than radio. “We have more listeners on WS FM breakfast than all the network tv breakfast shows have nationwide,” said Amanda Keller.


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