Radio’s top executive earners

If its money you’re after, and what radio executive isn’t, then Austereo and Southern Cross provide the pick of the pay packets, according to a list published in The Australian.

SCBN’s MD, Tony Bell, was top of the heap on an annual stipend of $1.37 mil per annum – although it could be argued that there’s some television money in there too.

Over at Austereo, pure radio earnings accounted for all of CEO Michael Anderson’s compensation package of $1.05 mill.

Even former Austereo MD, Brad March managed to draw down $911,098 (including $778,333 in termination pay) without having to lift a finger all year while Chairman, Peter Harvie worked for $792,155.

Austereo Group PD, Jeff Allis made a trifling $713,894 compared to his now more famous wife, Janine, the Boost Juice queen.

The GM of Melbourne’s Fox/Triple M combo, Gary Pert gathered in $607,795, while Austereo’s now parted Adelaide GM, Noelene Buddle got a total of $509,008 – including $347,326 in parachute allowance.

The only other radio entry on the list is SCBN’s group GM, Graham Mott, weighing in at $468,350.

Of course, these are just the public companies whose senior exec salaries must be disclosed.