Ray Hadley and Scott Morrison donate good book to good cause

In the category of “one day you’ll look back at this and laugh,” it seems that day has come for 2GB’s Ray Hadley and Scott Morrison

Following that very public falling out between the two in mid September after Tony Abbott was replaced by Malcolm Turnbull as PM and Mr Morrison replaced Joe Hockey as Treasurer, they can now see the funny side.

Their timing couldn’t have been better.

Last week at a fundraiser for Glenn Wheeler, Hadley was enlisted to auction off a number of items to the 750 people who had gathered at Doltone House. One of the items on the list was the cause of the September spat, a bible.  This one was signed by both the Treasurer and the 2GB Morning Presenter. Along with it came a photo and dinner for four at Doltone House. At ‘awkshun,’ the bundle fetched over $9,000. 

Overall, $100k+ was raised for Glenn Wheeler who is still recovering from a brain injury as a result of having been hit by an SUV while riding his scooter in February.

Meanwhile, Alan Jones and Steve Price will be broadcast from 3AW’s studios in Melbourne on Monday. On Tuesday Jones and Afternoon presenter Chris Smith will be joined by Mark Levy, trackside at Flemington for Melbourne Cup day.

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