It takes 15 alarm clocks to wake her says Woody’s husband

Breakfast in Hobart

Apparently working with Paul Hogan is good luck, at least that is what he tells co-host Esther Woodhams.
Paul and Woody have been on-air together at 100.9 Sea FM for the past twenty months, with Paul joining Woody from 92.9 FM in Perth.
There he gave Joel Creasy (name drop number 1), a young Australian comedian a regular spot on his show. According to Woody, Paul would have you believe he discovered him.
Joel eventually made his debut in the New York Comedy Festival opening for Joan Rivers who called him “A f*cking star”… Paul refers to him as “bigger than Jesus.”
Then there’s former co-host Basil Zempilas (name drop number 2) the senior sport’s presenter on Seven News who Paul describes as “… a household name.”
Finally Lisa Fernandez, (name drop number 3) who along with Paul and Basil pulled the pin on 92.9 and “…is now dominating Perth television.”
It is the one thing that frustrates Woody about her on-air partner “…his incessant name dropping (enough about your ‘mate’ Joel Creasy!).”
And while he talks up his former breakfast partners, he is also quick to praise his current on air co-host Woody.
“You can’t help but admire her unmatched work ethic. She works ridiculously long hours. I doubt she sleeps most nights. It makes me look lazy… which is frustrating.”
According to Woody’s husband Jason she does get to sleep but has “fifteen alarm clocks set to wake her up.”
That’s just one of the pitfalls of being married to a breakfast radio personality “that and being forced to watch back to back episodes of X-factor, being called on air…how long do you have?” asks Jason.
Paul and Woody’s off-air partners are constant fodder for their show and in fact deferred to them to answer a couple of the questions radioinfo put to them.
Jokes are made about Paul’s girlfriend Melissa being much younger than him “she isn’t really 15,” says Woody who really DID share with Hobart some fairly personal details about hubby Jase, “ask about the abscess on his backside,” suggests Paul.
Probs won’t thanks Paul.
And if they could each give each other one piece of advice what would it be?
Woody to Paul … “back yourself on air. If you go too far, we’ll just say you were drinking… again.”

As for Paul’s advice let’s go back to the top of the story “…doing a show with me is good luck, so stick with it.

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