Ray Hadley bites back at Mark Day

2GB’s Ray Hadley has poured scorn on Mark Day for an article he wrote in May.

Hadley was not happy about being criticised by what he refers to as “a broadcasting failure.”

He said: “Mr Day doesn’t like me very much and it’s reciprocated.

“I worked with him at radio 2UE when he was the failing afternoon host of a radio program who didn’t seem to connect with his audience… he wrote a story in the Australian – Sydney radio titans Alan Jones and Ray Hadley have kicked off their latest adventure, simulcasting their breakfast and morning programs into Brisbane.”

Hadley then quoted the opinion piece, written by Mark Day on May 4 this year, which said:

“It is a bold move by the newly-merged Macquarie Radio Network, 54.5 per cent owned by Fairfax Media and 45.5 per cent by John Singleton’s old MRN entity.

I hate to say this, but it won’t work. I predict that before the year is out MRN’s 4BC will be looking for new breakfast and morning presenters.

How do I know? I’m still carrying the scars of a near-identical radio catastrophe nearly 30 years ago when Kerry Packer owned 2UE in Sydney and 3AK in ­Melbourne.

Kerry thought it made good sense to run the stations together — a news/talk powerhouse that would attract masses of listeners and millions of advertising dollars. He hired Brian White, then a star performer from both 2GB and 2SM at their heights, as his general manager and splashed hefty ­buckets of cash to launch the grandly titled CBC — the Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation.”

In light of yesterday’s 4BC Brisbane ratings result, Hadley reckons Day has been proved wrong.

Hadley then responded with:

“He called it that Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation, it was better known as the Can’t Broadcast Company because it had a litany of broadcasters who weren’t much good, including Mr Day.”

He disagreed with Mark Day’s predictions. In Hadley’s opinion, the entire 2UE/3AK merger was suicide and ill fated “purely because they employed a stack of people including Mr Packer who had no radio experience.”

“With all due respect to Mr Day who didn’t enjoy all that much commercial success during his time, I think I’d know more about broadcasting than he would ever know.”

Yesterday’s ratings results back up Hadley’s opinion, with the networked Jones and Hadley shows performing well above the station average.

Hadley concluded saying he doesn’t think he will get an apology from Mark Day, but he thought it would be nice if one day he could get the story right instead of wrong. 

Read the original piece by Mark Day here (subscription required), and listen to the full audio from today with Ray Hadley below.



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