Ray Hadley, The Edge, and The Grill Team sign ‘Radio Free Trade Agreement’ to support Amanda Keller’s Gold Logie tilt

Amanda Keller has been nominated for a Gold Logie and Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones is determined to see his WSFM co-host take home the prize.
This week Jonesy launched what he is calling the ‘Radio Free Trade Agreement’, and has called on industry greats, usually competitors, to put their differences aside and unite as one to support Keller. 

On Monday, Ray Hadley ‘signed the agreement promising to encourage his listeners to vote for Keller and, in exchange, Jonesy & Amanda will help raise awareness of a cause close to Ray’s heart – Motor Neurone Disease – on their breakfast show.
With the Triple M Grill Team also on board, Jonesy then enlisted the help of Mike E & Emma at The Edge and got them to sign his “Radio Free Trade Agreement.”
In return for Mike E & Emma endorsing Amanda for Gold, Jonesy & Amanda agreed to promote Mike E & Emma’s ‘Hot or not’  segment. On The Edge topics for the ‘hot or not’ segment include: camel toes… hot or not? Innie or Outie (which apparently is not about belly buttons)…. Hot or not? (It’s going to be interesting to hear that play out on WSFM.)


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