RCS launches AirCheck

RCS (Radio Computing Services) has announced the launch of AirCheck, a revolutionary new service that allows stations to eavesdrop on each other.

A leader in broadcast monitoring, AirCheck automatically identifies audio – specific broadcast information can then be passed onto the radio, record, print media and advertising industries. Online, same-day data is available immediately via www.aircheck.net.au

“Aircheck is unique because it is the only service to build same day radio station (and television) logs of songs and commercials, almost in real time,” says Keith Williams, Managing Director of RCS Australia.

“We also provide competitive analysis tools for our clients online. It’s 24 hour monitoring with 24 hour access.”

Aircheck Australia is producing airplay data from all Sydney radio stations. It will be launched in Melbourne in early October, with an Australia wide rollout due to be completed by early 2005.

Prior to yesterday’s debut of AirCheck in Sydney, there was no accurate method of verifying airplay of commercials and songs. With AirCheck’s recognition technology, the access is instant and the process is simplified. You can learn if and when the correct commercials ran. How many times was a particular song played on Sydney radio today/last week/month or year? AirCheck has the answer.