The reality of the Queer Experience and the C Word feature in new podcasts

Sean Szeps is a gay father and a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community who believes he does not know enough about those within his community that have a different gender and sexual identity to his own.
Feeling compelled to explore the unique experiences of every member of the community, Sean’s new podcast, Come Out Wherever You Are, will feature guests across Australia’s gender and sexual spectrum.
In the podcast series, Sean seeks to better understand the unique aspects of each identity, the personal experience each guest had of embracing their own identity, what their own coming out experience has been like and what people can learn from the guests’ experiences, and how society can better support people in the LGBTIQIA+ community.
Guests throughout the series include Queer activist and content creator Deni Todorovic, businesswoman Sophie Cachia, radio presenter and current affairs journalist Patricia KarvelasJust The Gist podcast host Jacob Stanley and ABC Heywire winner and content creator Kirra Hampson.
Developed over a number of months with LiSTNR Original Podcasts Head of Content, Jennifer GogginCome Out Wherever You Are offers Australians a deeper insight into the personal experiences of those living across the spectrum of gender and sexual identities.
Goggin says, “Sean’s genuine curiosity, warmth and vulnerability with his guests has led to an incredibly powerful podcast which is raw, entertaining and informative all at the same time.”
Sean says, “For many members of the queer community, the coming out experience is the most troubling and equally liberating moment of our lives. It’s a line in the sand for our time on earth: before coming out and after. And yet, there hasn’t been a space in the Australian media landscape to stop and highlight that momentous experience. Come Out Wherever You Are is my attempt to hold that space.”
In series one Sean will explore with his guests their experience of identifying as a non-binary, gay, lesbian, queer, pansexual, or bisexual person.

The C Word is a new podcast hosted by Lee Whitehorn and his brother Luke Evans.
Lee is an everyday, early 40’s, Aussie bloke and just 6 weeks ago, he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.
He has a wife, two young boys, and a zest for life. He loves footy, loves keeping fit, and has spent most of the last 12 years coaching AFL football teams.  
In this podcast Lee wants to help anyone dealing with uncertainty.
‘The C Word’ is a snapshot of Lee’s journey from day one. His aim is to use his own coaching skills to tackle the unknowns, share what he learns and offer new perspectives. Lee wants to focus on helping people, as well as himself, to deal with life’s challenges no matter what’s thrown your way. 
Jay Walkerden says, “When I sat down with Lee, his first words to me were “I’m so glad you didn’t ask me how I’m doing, I have brain cancer how do you think I’m doing?” I love the way Lee looks at his life and his diagnosis, he’s not poor me, he actually is more like “Ok cool I’ve got this this thing, what do I need to do to beat it?” He has a very strong mindset and I’m so pleased we could help to share his story.  
Lee says, “It wasn’t until I sat with Jay that I felt comfortable with this process and what it can offer to others. Sharing stories and connecting is what we do best as humans and Jay and the Podshape team have certainly made me feel positive about the impact this podcast can have. I am now really excited about what we can achieve moving forward.” 
So far Lee has two rules – don’t cry in front of him and please don’t mention The C word.
His brother Luke Evans  is no stranger to podcasting with his own podcast ‘Itch’ also on the Podshape network.




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