Recycling for a purpose: 96three FM launches new radio campaign

Recycling is at the heart of a special initiative that’s kicking off at Geelong Christian community station 96three FM today.

Content Director Leroy Brown says “We’re thrilled to unveil our Recycle 4 Radio campaign.”

Listeners can support the campaign and make a meaningful impact via the Vic Container Deposit  Scheme.

“By downloading the Vic CDS App (to your region) and selecting 96three as your charity of choice, 100% of your bottle and can refunds will directly support our not-for-profit Christian radio station.”

“Your recycling efforts will resonate through listener-supported radio, bringing community and faith together.”

“Let’s recycle for a purpose – amplify the power of your recyclables for faith based radio In Geelong, Werribee and the Surf Coast.”


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