Resonate’s The Wave @92FM is bigger than Pipeline in Hawaii

While the attention of the world’s surfing community is on Pipeline, Australian based Resonate’s station in Hawaii, “The Wave @ 92FM,” has crashed through for its maiden win 12+ on Hawaii’s Big Island.

“The Wave @92FM” is now the most listened-to station on the Big Island. It leads its closest competitor by over 17,000 listeners according to the Eastlan survey results released on the weekend, which measures the 28 signals that are heard on the Island.
The station recorded a staggering 62% increase in cume, all people 12-64, Monday to Friday.
The Wave’s breakfast show, “Sandy and Kapena in the Morning” launched 12 months ago, also recorded a clear victory 12+ cume, leading their closest competitor by over 14,000 listeners.
Director Sally Dobson paid tribute to the Resonate Hawaii team on the Big Island saying, “We’re thrilled for our Hawaiian team who are being successfully led by GM Will Zucker.  It’s hard to believe that just over three years ago the station was off the air.  It’s literally been built from the ground up, and today’s result caps an upward trend that has been very clear over the past two years.”
Director Rex Morris added, “We couldn’t be prouder that Resonate’s brand of radio has been so stunningly successful on the other side of the Pacific. The Hawaiian team has been brilliantly supported by Daniel “Smithy” Smith who crafts the formats.”
Resonate Hawaii’s Alternative station, “The Beach” was also inside the top 10 rankings, despite being heard on only one side of the Big Island. Plans to take the brand island-wide in 2016 are well advanced.

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