Revo launches lowest cost colour screen DAB+ radio

Revo Australia today announced the launch of the lowest cost colour screen DAB+ digital radio product in Australia – The PixiS.

Most digital stations offer album art, presenter photos and sports results as well as scrolling text free to air, and these features can be viewed on the new receiver. These features are available on only a handful of current receivers in the market and add a new dimension to radio listening with track now playing, news highlights, weather and traffic information.

The PixiS is equipped to receive both DAB+ and FM with RDS. 

DAB+ offers listeners an opportunity to experience new digital only stations which cover a wide range of new content from all commercial radio networks, the ABC, SBS and a number of community stations.  With more than 20 new digital only stations offering various genres from Alternative to Jazz, Hip Hop to Country, new World Music and specialty stations such as Elf Radio Christmas music.