Richard Stubbs resigns from ABC 774

Richard Stubbs announced his decision to leave ABC774 on his afternoon show today, after 11 years on air.

Stubbs has made the big decision on the eve of his 58th birthday and whilst recovering from the death of his beloved mother this year. He said he still has many other things he would like to do with his life:

“I want to leave while the shows are strong and challenge myself again.” 

“I was giving a Valedictory speech to a group of Year 12s about pursuing what you love and taking chances when I realised that I was speaking to myself. Losing my mother was a life changing experience and I still have a lot to do with my life, I want to write a book, continue corporate work, do more stand up and so many other things that the next chapter of my life will bring”

“My time at the ABC was full of highlights. Broadcasting from the anniversary of the Bali bombings and leading the national broadcasts from Gallipoli last year and for the centenary being some of the main ones. I have loved talking to all the, experts, celebrities and listeners on the show, especially those veterans who chose to speak of their experiences.” 

“I like to think that in life we learn lessons and I learned and grew a lot whilst being at the ABC and for that time I will always be thankful. During those years I raised two children and was able to give them a wonderful life and education… they are grown up now and it’s time for me to do some of the things I really want to do”. 

Stubbs background in radio is extensive spanning 31 years. He enjoyed success at Triple M in the mornings and then moved to ‘The Richard Stubbs Breakfast Show’ for five years on Triple M where he earned many No 1 ratings and went from being No.1 on commercial radio for three years to ABC 774 11 years ago and retained the No. 1 positions again several times. 

Stubbs will present his final ABC 774 programme on Friday afternoon October 30, from 1 – 3pm.


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