Rove McManus Vs Will McMahon in Perthonality-off

Rove McManus, now joining hit92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody on Friday mornings, has gone head to head with our own Will McMahon in a good ol’ fashioned Perthonality-off to claim the title of biggest Perth celebrity.

Rove is a household name, there is no denying it, but is his name still in Perth households?
Heidi, Will & Woody think his time at the top of the food chain is done and dusted, with Woody claiming he questions if Rove still has pull in Perth.

I dare say, you’re not a Perthonality anymore,” Woody said.
Rove, swiftly disagreeing, recently took on Will McMahon in round one of the Radio All-Star Battle … yep, we went there … by calling a local Perth restaurant to see how many diva demands he could get them to agree too.
Not one to back down, Woody jumped at the chance to defend Will’s honour by posing as Will for his own diva demands from Odyssea Beach Café this morning … although it didn’t go as planned. 
Hear Rove’s diva demands…

And  Woody’s hilariously cringe-worthy conversation.


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