SA radio rivalry comes to a head

It seems last week’s AFL SA Showdown isn’t the only two-team rivalry in the state with radio stations Triple M Adelaide and Mix 102.3 going head to head to vie for the affections of an unlikely fan – Adelaide Crows player Rory Sloane.

Mix102.3 breakfast host Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom awarded Sloane the Showdown medal in the 42nd edition of the South Australian rivalry between Adelaide and Port Adelaide at the weekend and Triple M’s Jars and Louie weren’t happy.

During the week the rival radio hosts confronted Sloane after it was revealed on Mix102.3’s Jodie & Soda breakfast show that he had texted Soda to thank him for delivering him the medal after Soda copped slack on social media for a perceived stuff up with the award.
The text read: “Wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to present me with it, Soda loved seeing your face deliver it to me hahaha”
The Triple M hosts poked fun at Soda telling Sloane not to confuse someone who has an MC gig with people who have his back, pointing out Soda’s lack of ability to mark and kick a ball.
Sloane told the presenters Triple M’s breakfast show with Roo & Ditts is “horrible”.


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