Sad news from Ray Kennedy

Former Radio & Television personality Ray Kennedy (ex 2RE, 2GZ, 3SR, 3MP, 2TM, 2MO, 2GB Overnights, Channel 10 Sydney, Prime TV Newcastle, Wollongong and numerous voice over and acting credits) is seeking old friends and contacts. Ray has been diagnosed with cancer, has been given a time frame and would like to put together a montage of his life.

If you have a favourite photo or video with a short story to go with it he would love to receive a copy, either via the net or through the mail.

He also needs to get together as much cash as possible and is putting up to the highest bidder two items of interest to radio people – the original studio chimes from 2GB and a mint condition transcription of DAD & DAVE episode 3. All offers considered.

In true journalistic style Ray says: “Any offers to do a story from diagnose to the end seriously considered. My views on live death and dyeing I believe will make a solid story (and hey I would love to see Universal Studios, Disney land and New York )… Cheers to all… May GOD as you understand him/her to be deliver the comfort and contentment he has me HUGS, Ray k.”

Contact Ray at 54/260 Alison Road, Randwick NSW 2031. Telephone 02 9326 4701. Email [email protected]