Sam Pang’s football legacy is put under the microscope

This morning Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny breakfast show launched the hard hitting documentary “Sam Pang Not Even Close” in which Sam Pang’s football legacy is put under the microscope.  
Browny launched Part One  this morning, stating that not all football stories are as great as his own.
Browny said, “Any winters weekend all around the country thousands of boys and girls are chasing a footy around a muddy around a muddy oval, it’s their first chance to live and breathe footy.”
Sam’s teammate from his junior footy days, Brendan Murray said that Sam’s start was a little bit different, “He was into playing piano. Sam looked after his fingers like for piano and for flicks, with footy cards. So him and his brother were known in the neighbourhood were known for fleecing everyone with footy cards.”
Browny said, “It’s been said that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of adversity, for a boy from Kew who faced no hardship, apparently the road was even tougher.”
Sam said, “I definitely think that as a child growing up on the right side of tracks really hurt me, I mean no kid should own four footballs although one of them was a Ross Faulker.”
Browny discussed that Brendan starring as junior, and Sam finishing his grade 3 piano exams, Brendan and Sam, the boys ended up on a shared journey to league footy.
Maxie Richardson was the coach for Collingwood took the team are taken to the country for some team building. They are told they had to climb a tree but Brendan was petrified of heights. With careers on the line, Sam said he wouldn’t climb the tree either and that he’d take care of it, telling Maxy neither of them are going to do it.
Max stepped forward and asked him – “Is that right Pang, you’re not going to do it…You want to be a Collingwood footballer son, you want to be part of this club or not, one day you run on the MCG, the last week of September, in that jumper, you climb the tree, it’s as simple as that.”
Sam said, “I’ll tell you what Maxie, as soon as they start planting trees on the G, I’ll start climbing them.”

More than decades on Browny questioned him about the noble act. Sam said there is not a day that goes by when he doesn’t wish he climbed that tree.

Tomorrow Sam’s coaches at Collingwood have their say – Senior Coach Leigh Matthews and his under 19 coach Keith Burns – in PART TWO of “Sam Pang Not Even Close” on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny from 6am to 9am on Nova 100.

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