Sammy Power back for Mix brekky with guest Simone Warne

Sammy Power returned this week to lead the Sydney Mix106.5 breakfast show, with no decision made as yet about a new permanent co-host.

For her first show she was joined by Simone Warne who gave her first radio interview since her much publicised relationship split with husband Shane.

It’s planned that a number of celebrity guests will join Power over the coming weeks. The show is currently being billed as ‘Sammy and the Boys.’

Program director of Mix106.5, Ben Latimer, has told radioinfo:“When Sammy has exhausted all the names in her celebrity black book (which could take some time), we will sit down and make a decision on a permanent co-host for the breakfast show.”

“In the meantime Sammy is looking forward to mixing it up with some of Sydney’s best talent.”

Power’s previous co-host was Jason Bouman who resigned from the station in late November last year, telling radioinfo that the newspapers had got it wrong when they reported animosity between the pair: “I can guarantee that we are one hundred per cent cool with each other and always have been. She was a huge support during my marriage break-up and, in return, I supported her through her last nvarchar(15)y break-ups with boyfriends!”