Vega pulls plug on ad agency

Less than two months after faring poorly in its launch radio survey, DMG Radio has shifted the advertising account for its baby boomer station Vega to FNL Communications away from incumbent Saatchi & Saatchi.

FNL Communications chairman Graham Nunn has told Ad News the agency decided to approach DMG after reading of its less than desirable ratings results.

Nunn said: “We read, like everyone else, that Vega’s ratings weren’t that great – so we contacted them.”

“They came back to us the very next day with a response. They did some research, put some thinking into it and as far as I know they contacted Saatchi and asked them to also think of ideas. We were then told on Christmas Eve that we had won the account.”

Vega’s August 2005 launch campaign by Saatchi was a TV commercial that featured a radio listener whose ears fall off and begin attacking each other, accompanied by the tagline: “Want your ears to get along?”

Following a lukewarm reception, the supporting tagline “On your Wavelength” was applied over all new campaigns in a bid to appeal to the station’s older target audience.

In its first radio survey on 2 December, the station attracted a weak audience share of just 1.8 percentage points – leaving it in second last place.

In its third bout of identity crisis – and just before making the switch to FNL – the station once again changed taglines post-survey to “Music with Personality”.

DMG Radio’s managing director Cath O’Connor says the appointment had a lot to do with good timing on FNL’s behalf. Whilst not divulging much about the new campaign, O’Connor did have positive things to say about the incumbent Saatchi & Saatchi.

“Saatchi’s is a great agency, their work was good for the DMG brand with Nova, but we feel it is time for a fresh team with new energy and we feel that will benefit the station and our new campaign ultimately.”

Nunn confirmed the agency had just wrapped up filming of a new TVC for the station, which “features the Vega personalities and makes clear what is different and unique about the station.” It is expected to be aired in late January.