Sarah Macdonald moves to ABC Radio Sydney Mornings in 2023

Sarah Macdonald is moving into a new extended Mornings show on ABC Radio Sydney in 2023.

Sarah has been presenting Radio Sydney’s Evenings for three years and will take up her new Mornings presenter role from Monday 16 January.

The new Mornings show will start 30 minutes earlier, at 8.30am on weekdays and run through to 11.00am.

Breakfast with James Valentine also starts 30 mins earlier in 2023, kicking off at 5.30am and running through to AM at 8.00am.

Sarah says, “It’s been a show I’ve listened to and loved for decades and I relish the opportunity to tell Sydney’s stories and talk to our communities about what matters to them.

“I was born in Sydney and have lived here most of my life and I am passionate about what makes this big beautiful, brash city tick – the people, the places, the culture and the challenges we face.


I’ve absolutely adored presentingEvenings for the last three years across NSW and the ACT and am always energised and astounded by the ABC Radio audience insights, contributions and camaraderie. I look forward to waking up to new days with our legendary listeners.”


ABC Radio Sydney Manager, Steve Ahern says, “This city wakes up early. The change to our Breakfast and Mornings start times will allow us to respond to the rhythm of the city and to connect people with what is happening while they are out exercising, travelling to work, on shift work, or preparing the family for the day.

“James and Sarah are both familiar, trusted voices. They will help our listeners start their day with all the news, information and connections to Sydney that they need each morning.”

Sarah’s replacement in Evenings in 2023 will be announced shortly.

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