SCA launches 2014 Apprenticeship Program

Eleven trainees have joined the SCA 2014 Broadcast Engineer Apprenticeship Program, giving them an opportunity to hone their craft.
The program will see the trainees undertake a four-year, full-time, paid apprenticeship at one of SCA’s broadcast centres across the country including Melbourne, Townsville, Albury and Adelaide.
The students will get the chance to work with some of the industry’s most highly experienced engineers and will gain a formal qualification to set them up for a future career in the broadcast technology field. 
SCA Director of Engineering and Technology Raoul Prideaux said: 

“I am proud to lead and support a program that not only gives young men and women a real chance to gain a long term career in this exciting industry but also to continue to develop a pool of talented engineers that will serve broadcasting well into the future.
We hope our fellow industry broadcasters follow our lead, if we don’t provide these opportunities  to act as a mentor or coach for the next generation, we are going to lose much of what has already made this industry successful.” 

Check out the trainees below (trainees for Melbourne and  Launceston are yet to be announced):


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