SCA shows how to add 7.6% to your reach without really trying

It almost went unnoticed. For the first time the GfK digital listening survey results have been released on the same day as the regular survey.

“Big deal,” you might say. Well, until now there was little to crow about in regards to the penetration of DAB+. But now that there’s been around 3.8 million digital radios sold in Australia, up 24% over the past 12 months alone, it is a big enough deal to crow about.

The significance of this has not gone unnoticed by SCA.

“It’s time to start talking about our digital audiences in the same breath as the rest of our stations.” says Brian Gallagher, Chief Sales Officer of SCA (left).

The combined FM and digital audiences of the Hit Network and Triple M, deliver an unduplicated reach of 5,120,000. This represents an additional 360,000 listeners or an increase of 7.6% over just the analog outlets alone.

“Measuring an aggregated analogue and digital audience means we are giving our clients the ability to access more reach than ever before with an additional 360,000 listeners. And SCA is able to monetise all of our stations, be they FM or digital,” says Mr Gallagher.

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