SCA’s Today stations to rebrand as Hit

SCA Director of Metro Operations Guy Dobson has written an internal memo to SCA staff confirming the much speculated rebrand of the Today Network.

SAFM rebranded to Hit earlier this year and now the branding is being spread to the whole network.

Dobson has told radioinfo “I’m excited to announce the launch of Today’s Hit Network which marks the start of an exciting new era for our hit music stations in 2015. Expect great new shows, a new music format and a new ethos in everything we do that will give our listeners and our clients the best content and winning ideas. It’s a fresh new look to compliment the exceptional content we’re excited to roll out in 2015”

In his memo he said: “If you’re wondering why we kept the Fox, B105 and 2Day names I’ll tell you. There’s life in the brands. Even through 2Day FM’s darkest years, it’s still reigned supreme.”

Find the memo here

Seeing our tweet about this report on radioinfo’s twitter feed, one reader had an important warning for SCA about the name:


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