Short of a sound effect?

The BBC has 16,016 of them online.

One thing about The Beeb, it never does anything by half, and its sound effects library with 16,016 files ‘en arf compra’ensive.’
Type ‘Kookaburra’ into the search engine at the BBC’s interactive site ( and you’ll get 176secs of “Lapping water with bird song, Pittwater – early morning, with distant bird calls including whipbirds, laughing kookaburra, parrots and cockatoos” – in a WAV file. 


( – © 2018 BBC)

Type in ‘bar atmosphere’ and you’ll get everything from “Atmosphere in a large club bar (recorded at Twickenham Rugby Union football club bar) – 1975” to “Outdoor Coffee Bar, Caracella,” You’ll also uncover “General atmosphere at Crufts Dog Show with large dogs barking” as well as another one with “small dogs barking.”

( – © 2018 BBC)

You can download and use the library for free for private and educational purposes but it’s best to read the copyright notices thoroughly first because we’re told the BBC’s lawyers ‘en ‘arf fearsome. 
For commercial use you’ll need to contact jake.berger at and strike a deal.

Need a rousing Hip Hip Hooray? ( – © 2018 BBC) 

Or how about a passing lorry? ( – © 2018 BBC) 

They’ve got it all.