Soaking up the summer vibes

The research team at Austereo has presented  the ‘6 key themes of the summer’, to help clients understand how to sell to customers who are in the holiday mood.

If creatives and programmers can tap into the right mood, it could lead to increased sales and market share.
The presentation, which Austereo has allowed us to share with radioinfo readers, is broad ranging, covering not only radio stations, but all sorts of businesses that could benefit from the summer holiday season.
According to the the research, the 6 key themes of the post-christmas summer period are:

  1. All about me
  2. Spontaneity
  3. New year, new me
  4. Reconnecting with the family
  5. Hanging out with friends
  6. Soaking in the summer vibes

The team identified that Summer is the time when people are getting together and getting outdoors:

During summer, people are looking to do things for themselves. Those things that have been on their ‘to-do-list’ but haven’t had the down-time needed to do them – like read a book or go on a holiday. Businesses that can help these people with their ‘me time’ will have success during this season’.

Examples given of businesses that could benefit from this summer mindset included bookstore chains, movie theatres, and travel agents.
On the theme of spontaneity, the research suggests that ‘during summer, people don’t have many plans so they can spontaneously go for a drive or hit the beach. This means that businesses that can help people tap into their spontaneity or resonate with this theme have the potential to be successful over this season’.  This is in contrast with the typical non-summer holidays state of mind: ‘throughout the year, I live to a schedule and routine. And December is even worse – packed with places I have to be, people I have to see’.
The ‘new year, new me’ mindset was characterised by the quote: ‘January is all about fresh starts. Time to reassess and set goals to ensure that we start the new year off the right way’. This meant that businesses who can help people achieve their ‘new self’ or a fresh start are going to be successful at this time of year.

Gyms, universities and job-seeking companies were all suggested as businesses that were apt to do well during this period.
SCA stated that ‘when the summer holidays roll around people’s calendars free up and many want to spend quality time with their family. So businesses that can help people connect with their family will surely capitalise in this time’. As such, family-friendly attractions and content will be very useful to businesses in January.
Dduring the rest of the year a typical consumer will feel like this: ‘I’m so busy during the year with work, study, boyfriend, keeping fit and family stuff. And it only escalates in December, because family comes first at Christmas time, so friend time gets sacrificed.’ 

On the other hand, ‘over summer many people free up and get a chance to ‘catch up’ with old friends and of course the gossip.’ The SCA researchers concluded businesses that can help facilitate this, or campaigns that can resonate this aspirational theme will be successful during this time. They give examples of festivals and hospitality companies as those businesses that have a natural advantage in this area.
The final theme, ‘soaking in the summer vibe’ is explained by SCA: ‘When people go on their summer holidays they can take time-out for themselves and get re-energised.’ As such, ‘businesses that can help people relax and enjoy the great weather summer has to offer, will surely benefit from this time.’
The SCA presentation finishes with a fact: 87% of people listen to the radio the same amount of time or more over the summer.  92% will listen in the car, 53% on traditional radio, 26% on a mobile phone, 25% on a computer, and 23% on digital radio.

Are you on air during this time? How can you use this info to better connect with your listeners?

Talk about activities for the family, mention books, articles and websites that take a bit more reading than your audience woudl ahve time to do during the rest of the year, program ‘me’ music with a summer feel. Assume your listeners are lazing with friends and reflect their mood. Tap into the sights and sounds of summer in each voice break.

Are you selling during this time? Target entertainment venues, cafes, leisure companies, day spas, BBQ retailers and any products that reflect the mood of summer.

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