Social Squad looks at some of Australia’s powerful influencers

Mamamia is launching a new consumer podcast, Social Squad, to take listeners behind the feeds of some of Australia’s most powerful influencers, and hosted by influencer and former reality star, Tully Smyth.

Social Squad series one will give listeners behind-the-feeds access to influential women like Elle Ferguson, Flex Mami, Amy Maree Castano, Laura Byrne and Sara Crampton, each disrupting the media landscape on their own terms.

Elle Ferguson’s episode includes the story of how she ended up in the house of influencer queen, Kim Kardashian.

Host, Tully Smyth, said: “’Influencer’ is such a misunderstood term. There’s so much more to the lives of influencers than can be seen in a feed, and I’m really excited to be working with Mamamia, spilling the tea on what goes on behind the scenes.  These days it’s all about authenticity. Influencers are finding creative ways to authentically connect with what they stand for – well the ones with staying power are – and I’m keen to showcase all these brilliant women in the podcast.”

Head of Podcasts at Mamamia, Rachel Corbett, says, “Influencers are the new celebrities but we only get to see the curated lives they present on Instagram.  This show is about giving our audience, particularly Gen Zs and millennials, an insight into the lives behind the feeds of the people they follow online.”




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