Sophie Monk gets trashed by Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller

She’s known for being one of the dance world’s harshest and most brutally honest critics, but that didn’t stop 2Day FM Breakfast’s Sophie Monk from thrusting and busting – out of a wheelie bin – in front of Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller.
Sophie, who hasn’t slipped on her ballet shoes for a while, performed a lyrical piece to Sia’s track ‘Eye of the Needle’ for Miller, who trashed her routine.
The 2Day FM co-host throws in a few, err, interesting manoeuvres with a bin bag during her performance, which even took seasoned professional Miller by surprise! When Sophie put the bag over her head, Miller said, “See if I did that on television…oh my goodness the phone calls!”.

When asked why she chose a bin as her prop, Sophie said: “Sometimes the boys [Jules Lund and Merrick Watts] treat me badly so I did one that’s called ‘Sophie taking out the trash’ because sometimes I feel like they treat me like trash.”

Here’s a snippet of Abby Lee Miller’s comments:
“You shouldn’t really wear jewellery when you’re dancing”
“We don’t want to see up your nose”
“Shoulders down!”
“I’m confused… what are you doing!?”
“Your [hair] ribbon is too long”
“Your ballet strings aren’t tucked in”
“I think your costume could use some work”
“I don’t want to see that…”

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