Space story wins Apple TV for Chris Savvy

Chris Savvy, announcer, audio producer and self described ‘Jack of Many Trades’ has won a 4th generation Apple TV in radioinfo’s Faces for Radio Competition.

Not only is he listed on Faces for Radio, he nominated Listen to the world of radio via the International Space Station as his favourite story.

He said, “I love that article as it led me to the website where you can “Sample” what the ISS can hear!! It went from New Zealand radio to Table Tennis in China!! an amazing insight into world radio and how the stations around the globe sounds. I can just imagine the astronaughts rockin out in space to somthing like ACDC!!! Very awesome!! Hope any aliens that pick up signals are rockin out too!! Keep rockin Space!!!”

Our judging panel agreed that out of the hundreds of entries received, the International Space Station story was out of this world and awarded Chris first prize.

The new generation Apple TV will turn the dumbest television into one that’s smarter than a Rhodes Scholar. And it will work with all kinds of equipment, whether Apple or not. You can rent the latest movies and buy TV series, watch Netflix and Stan and much, much more, all in 1080p.

The Apple TV is so new, it has yet to be released. We’ll send Chris one as soon as it is.

You can find out all about it now at