Spend more time fixing your radio station than worrying about what we do: Kyle Sandilands AUDIO

Kyle Sandilands has exposed a dirty tricks campaign from other stations against the Kyle and Jackie breakfast show, as promised earlier this week.

Kyle dished the dirt on other stations this morning, quoting emails to clients and celebrities that try to discredit the KIIS 106.5 duo.

“I’m disappointed in the behaviour of these other stations… I know what it’s like, you want to win… not like this… you’re better than that,” said Kyle

“I want to read it out and let the audience decide if this is fair or not,” he said, then read a Nova email to a client:

They quoted our comments and asked the client, “do you want good listeners without the filth.” The problem was that the client loves the show and forwarded the email straight to Kyle, exposing the Nova sales tactic.

“Grabbing something from others and trying to steal their clients. We don’t do that… we don’t employ dirty tactics Nova. The client is happy to stay with us.”

Then he moved onto 2Day. “They can’t get the same big name people like us. SCA staff have sent emails to big stars pointing out things that we have said about the big stars. They pay someone to sit there in the 2Day office and listen to our show and find things to send on to the publicists, asking them not to go on to that show.

“There’s email after email of evidence of this,” he said.

“The very people they’re trying to convince that we are the bad guys, they forward the emails to us.

“This is not good tactics. It’s sneaky low dog behaviour… You should spend more time on your own shows… they need work, they’re not very good.”

“These are grubby things, but this is grubbiest of all, this pisses me off,” said Kyle, moving on to talk about a fake email account sending out comments against the duo. He intimated that the email had been set up by a senior person at another station.

“The email is [email protected]… They’ve been sending emails to news companies to make me look bad, twisting them into negative headlines.

“After months of knowing about these emails I’m now exposing them… who else benefits from this. Someone is sending it with a negative spin, taking audio out of context.”

He asked the person to stop, or they would be named. “I know who you are, its going to be very embarrassing for you if you keep doing this. Stop or I’ll name you and shame you.

“You would lose your job. you’re a fool for doing this… spend more time fixing your radio station than worrying about what we’re doing here.”

His final message to the competition was:

“Don’t go sending notes to our clients and sending off your sneaky notes to A List stars. And to the dog with the vilekyle email, don’t do it any more.”

Nova has been approached for comment, but has not responded at this time. SCA declined to comment on this story.

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