Spin Cycle: Survey 3 2023

The Spin from the PR and Marketing departments is in for Survey 3 using the new GfK 360 audience measurement method.

B105’s Matt, Abby and Stav in Brisbane

Jack Ball, B105 Content Director said everyone at the station was grateful to see the momentum continue with B105 winning the lion’s share of ratings over the last 12 months.

“Led by Stav, Abby and Matt who have now won four of the last five surveys, the team is so thankful that all the work they put in, including travelling to the Allen’s Factory in Victoria to pick up boxes of Brown Snake Lollies to honour our mighty Brisbane River, is paying off and connecting with our audience.

Brad Wood and Ellie Angel have registered their seventh straight workday win. Congratulations to them both!

“We’ll have to keep an eye on our brother station MMM who have deservedly had an almighty result today too!”

Duncan Campbell, ARN Chief Content Officer

“What a great accomplishment for ARN as KIIS 1065 claims the top spot overall in Sydney, surpassing 2GB for the second time this year. The station has been propelled by strong performances across the entire day, starting with the Kyle & Jackie O Show’s unprecedented cume during Breakfast and extending to the remarkable numbers achieved by Will & Woody in Drive.  ARN’s strong results right across the country are testament to the efforts of our teams who continue to captivate their audience, creating unforgettable on-air moments that truly resonate and forge deep connections with listeners.”

“Once again, Kyle and Jackie O reaffirm their dominance as the undisputed champions of radio. For the third consecutive survey, they’ve claimed the coveted title of the #1 breakfast show overall in Sydney, they’ve hit an incredible milestone of 35 surveys in a row as Sydney’s #1FM breakfast show, and have reached yet another record-breaking cumulative figure of 921,000 listeners. Kyle and Jackie O’s passion for their craft is what drives the continued growth of their show year after year.”

Ciaran Davis, ARN Chief Executive Officer

“Another great survey for ARN as we continue to deliver exceptional results, cementing our position as the ultimate destination for clients in search of ‘all audio’ solutions with unparalleled national reach.  Today’s launch of Radio360 is an exciting evolution for the audio industry and the numbers reinforce the continued relevance of live and local programming. Congratulations to all those involved, both on and off air, whose unwavering dedication consistently drives these impressive survey results.”

•     Nova Network is the most listened to network with 4,208,000 listeners
•     Nova Network is the #1 metro network for 25-54 in share (13.6%) and cume (2,454,000)
•     The Chrissie Swan Show  (2pm to 4pm) is most listened to nationally with 1,546,800 listeners and is the #1 show 25-54 in share (13.8%) and cume (887,700)
•     Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel (4pm to 6pm) is the #1 Drive show in Australia with 11.3% share and 1,616,000 listeners
•     Smallzy’s Surgery (7pm to 10pm) is the = #1 FM night show nationally in share (9%) most listened to Drive show nationally with 627,600 listeners

Smooth FM 95.3
•     Smooth FM 95.3 is #2 FM station in Sydney with 10.8% share
•     Smooth FM 95.3 More Music Breakfast Show with Bogart Torelli & Ron Wilson is #3 FM with 7.4% share, an increase of 0.3 share points
•     Smooth FM 95.3 is #1 station in Afternoons with 12.4% and most listened to with 580,000
•     Smooth FM 95.3 is #1 FM in Evenings with 12.0% share
•     Smooth FM 95.3 is #1 FM on Weekends with 10.9% share and most listened to with 814,000, with the biggest cume increase on Weekends (up 92,000 listeners)
•     Smooth FM 95.3 is #2 overall in Drive with 11.9%
•     Smooth FM 95.3 is #2 FM in Mornings with 12.0% share
Nova 96.9
•     Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie was second most listened to breakfast show with 596,000 cume
•     Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel (4pm to 6pm) is second most listened to Drive show in Sydney with 415,7000 listeners

Smooth FM 91.5
•     Smooth FM 91.5 is the #2 FM station in Melbourne with a 9.7% share
•     Smooth FM 91.5 More Music Breakfast Show with Mike Perso & Nikole Gunn is #3 FM with a 8.5% share, an increase of 0.7 share points and had greatest increase in breakfast (27,000) with 521,000 cume (highest cume result)
•     Smooth FM 91.5 is #2 FM in Mornings with a 10.7% share
•     Smooth FM 91.5 is = #2 FM in Drive with 9.5% share
•     Smooth FM 91.5 is # 1 FM in Evenings with 11.2% share and is the equal most listened to station in Evenings with 251,000 cume (increase of 23,000 listeners)
•     Smooth FM 91.5 is #2 FM on Weekends with 10.1% share
Nova 100
•     Ben, Liam & Belle secured a 6.7% for share with 555,000 listeners
•     The Chrissie Swan Show (2pm to 4pm) increased share to 8.1%, up from 8.1%, and added 42,000 listeners for a  cume of 404,000
•     Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel (4pm to 6pm) is the most listened to Drive show in Melbourne with 493,000 cume and #2 FM with 9.9% share
•     Nova 100 secure 1,201,000 listeners, an increase of 32,000 cume
•     Nova 106.9 continues to have highest cume with 733,000 and is the most listened to station in Brisbane
•     Ash, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill is the most listened to breakfast show with 428,000 cume
•     Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel and Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie from 4pm to 7pm is the #1 Drive show with 14.4% share and most listened to with 329,000 cume
•     David & Will is Adelaide’s #1 AM Breakfast Show  (5:30am-9am) with 12.5% share
•     Matthew Pantelis is Adelaide’s #1 AM Mornings Talk Show Programme (9am-12pm) with
               9.9% share
•     Leith Forrest is Adelaide’s #1 Evenings Programme (8pm-12pm) with 20.8% share

Nova 919
•     Nova 919 Jodie & Hayesy (7am to 9am) is the most listened to breakfast show (171,000 cume)
•     Nova 919 Ricki Lee, Tim & Joel = #1 Drive show (4pm-6pm) with 12.30% share

•     Nova 93.7 is Perth’s #1 station with a share of 16.1% and the most listeners with 676,000
•     Nathan, Nat & Shaun is Perth’s #1 breakfast show with a share of 17.3% and the most listeners with 389,000
•     The Chrissie Swan Show is #1 in Perth with a 16.7% share and 301,000 listeners
•     Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel is Perth’s #1 Drive show (4pm to 6pm) with a share of 16.4%

3AW continues its dominance as Melbourne’s outright No.1 radio station, with GfK Radio 360 survey 3 marking the station’s 70th consecutive survey win with a share of 15.3. 3AW is also the clear No.1 in live audio streaming in Melbourne – doubling that of its nearest competitor.

The station illustrated the strength of Nine Radio’s streaming audience, dominating with a 23.3 share.

The ACRA award-winning duo of Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft continue their complete dominance of the Breakfast slot, recording a share of 20.4, and recording a record high of 35.7 for streaming share.

The double ACRA award-winning Neil Mitchell blitzed all opposition in the Mornings timeslot with a share of 17.8, while Tom Elliott remains Melbourne’s No.1 Drive program with a share of 11.1.

Stephen Beers, 3AW Station Manager, said:

3AW continues a dominant 2023 as the number one radio station in Melbourne. I’m really pleased to see how our audience loves to stream 3AW, with an overwhelming share of the radio market in streaming, and Breakfast with an incredible share – five times the nearest commercial competitor.

“It’s been a great team effort, again led by Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft in Breakfast – double the nearest competitor. Neil Mitchell in mornings, Tom Elliott in Drive, Denis Walter in night, Tony Moclair in Mid-dawns, Darren James on Weekend Breakfast and 3AW Footy Friday and Saturday are all number one in the ratings.

Further highlights of Survey 3 in Melbourne are:

  • Dee Dee Dunleavy posted a share of 12.4 (Mon-Fri 12.00pm–3.00pm).
  • Denis Walter posted a share of 22.8 and remains Melbourne’s No.1 Evening program (Mon- Thurs 8.00pm–12.00am).
  • 3AW Weekends is Melbourne’s No.1 with a share of 13.4.

SCA Chief Content Officer, Dave Cameron, said:

“Another ratings day with more records broken for SCA, as both Triple M Adelaide and B105 Brisbane deliver outright No.1s in their respective cities, driven by record breaking best-ever results for both station’s breakfast shows, Roo, Ditts and Loz and Stav, Abby and Matt.

“Both Triple M Brisbane and Mix 94.5 Perth delivered the biggest breakfast share increases in those markets, and The Fox continues to have the highest number of listeners in Melbourne with a weekly audience cume now of more than 1.3 million.

“Overall SCA continues to win the critical 25-54 All People commercial demographic nationally, with the Hit Network winning women 25-54 and Triple M winning men 25-54.

“On a milestone day for the industry where the release of streaming audience data becomes available, SCA’s intense focus on developing and scaling up Australia’s only owned and operated digital audio platform LiSTNR now becomes a critical game changer as audience behaviour shifts at pace towards a streaming and on-demand world.”



Delivering a total radio audience of 6.112m in metro,  8.821+m nationally

#1 People 25-54, DAB+ reaches 1.251M+ listeners

1.9m+ monthly listeners via live radio streaming and LiSTNR music stations

The LiSTNR podcast network reaches more than 7.26M monthly listeners


The #1 Network P25-54 and W25-54 (inc.DAB+)

The HIT Network nationally reaches 4.239m listeners every week (inc.DAB+)


#1 Share P10+ (inc. DAB+)

#1 Share P25-54 (inc. DAB+)

#1 Share Breakfast P10+, highest breakfast share EVER


Biggest audience in Melbourne with 1.443M listeners (inc. DAB+)

#1 Share P25-54 and W25-54 (inc DAB+)

Carrie and Tommy #1 share P10+

#1 Share Breakfast P25-54 and W25-54



1.072m people are tuning into 2DAY FM every week (inc DAB+)

405k people are tuning into 2DayFM Breakfast every week

384k people are tuning in to Carrie and Tommy every week


#1 Share W25-54 (inc DAB+)

#2 Share P10+ and P25-54 (inc.DAB+)

#1 Share Breakfast W25-54

Carrie & Tommy #1 Share W25-54

Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield up 1.2 share points for P10+

MIX 94.5

#2 Share P10+ (inc. DAB+)

#2 Share P25-54 (inc. DAB+)

#2 Share Breakfast P10+, P25-54 (up 1.7 share points) and W25-54 (up 2.1 share points)

Carrie and Tommy #2 Share P25-54 and W25-54


 #1 Share M25-54, Triple M Network reaches 3.017m listeners every week (inc.DAB+)

The Marty Sheargold Show 3-4pm, #1 Share M25-54 nationally

The Rush Hour 4-6pm, #1 Share M25-54 nationally

#1 AFL Broadcast in metro markets

Triple M NRL #1 P25-54 and P10-69

Triple M Adelaide

#1 station overall, highest cume ever (inc DAB+)

#1 Share P10+, P25-54 and M25-54 (inc.DAB+)

#1 Share Breakfast P10+, P25-54 & M25-54

Rush Hour #1 Share M25-54 (4-6pm)

Marty Sheargold #1 Share M25-54 (3-4pm)

Triple M Adelaide AFL

#1 Share for P10+, PU70 and P25-54

#1 reach for P10+, PU70 and P25-54

Triple M Sydney

#2 Share M25-54 (inc DAB+)
835k people are tuning into Triple M Sydney every week (inc DAB+)
232k people are tuning into Rush Hour every week (4-6pm)

288k people are tuning into Mick and MG in Breakfast (6-9am) every week

Triple M Sydney NRL

#1 Share for PU70 and P25-54

#1 reach for PU70 and P25-54


Triple M Melbourne

#2 Share M25-54 (inc DAB+)

Rush Hour #1 Share M25-54 (4-6pm)

866k people are tuning in to Triple M Melbourne every week (inc DAB+)

Triple M Melbourne AFL

#1 Share for PU70 and P25-54

#1 reach for PU70 and P25-54

Triple M Brisbane

#1 Share M25-54 (inc DAB+)

#2 Share P10+ (inc DAB+)

Marty Sheargold #1 Share M25-54 (3–4pm)

#2 Share Breakfast M25-54 (5.30-9am)

Rush Hour #2 Share M25–54 (4-6pm)

Triple M Brisbane NRL

#1 Share for P10+, PU70 and P25-54

#1 Reach for P10+, PU70 and P25-54

Triple M Perth

#2 Breakfast (5.30-8.30am) M25-54

#2 Share Rush Hour M25-54 (4pm – 6pm)

Marty Sheargold #2 Share M 25-54 (3-4pm)

403k people are tuning into Triple M Perth every week (inc DAB+)

Triple M Perth AFL

#1 Share for P10+, PU70 and P25-54

#1 Reach for P10+, PU70 and P25-54


SPORTS Entertainment Network has welcomed the inclusion of streaming in the latest GfK Survey 3, with SEN 1116am recording a 5.2% share of streaming within the Melbourne market for All People 10+.

The result has put SEN 1116am ahead of Nova 100 (4.2%) and KIIS 101.1FM (3.6%) for All People 10+ streaming. SEN 1116am’s streaming results were particularly strong in the Breakfast session (Garry Lyon & Tim Watson, Tuesday to Thursday; Kane Cornes & Nathan Buckley on Monday and Kane Cornes & David King on Friday) with a 6.1% share, ahead of 101.9 Fox FM (4.7%), KIIS 101.1FM (2.5%), and Nova 100 (2.8%).


SEN’s streaming results further solidify recent news of increased live sport consumption on third-party platforms, with over 1 million broadcast streams of SEN and AFL Nation’s commentary on the AFL’s digital platforms and the SEN app from Rounds 1-9.*


Overall, SEN 1116am increased in Share and Cume All People 10+. The number of people listening across the week increased on SEN 1116am from 372,000 to 389,000, with Cume increases in every daypart from Breakfast to Drive and across the weekend. SEN 1116am delivered a share of 2.8% All People 10+.


SEN Chief Executive Officer Craig Hutchison said the inclusion of streaming results provided an enhanced view of the way people now consume their content.


“These latest survey results further demonstrate the audience’s evolution of content consumption, which is now happening at a time and place that suits them. We are dedicated to continuing to provide this option to our audience and are thrilled that SEN 1116am’s streaming results have beaten several established and respected stations.”


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