Stamford professor discovers radio power breakthrough

A Stamford engineering professor has discovered a way to power radio chips from the incoming radio waves they receive.

The breakthrough has the potentail to solve one of the big problems that has been facing the radio industry as it strives to get radio chips into smart phones… power.

All functions in a mobile smart phone consumer power. The more functions you activate on your phone, the more power you consume and the faster your battery runs out.

Assistant Professor Amin Ababian of the Electrical Engineering faculty at Stamford University USA, has discovered a way to integrate antenna functions, power and radio receiving and transmitting onto a single computer chip.

Although Ababian has concentrated on how the chip can empower devices to be connected to each other via the internet (for example turning on your light globe from your mobile phone), the technology could be adapted to solve one of the big issues that the radio industry faces as it strives to get radio chips into mobile smart phones.

This could be the breakthrough that the radio industry has been waiting for to allow it to put radios back in everyones pocket via smart phones.

Radio used to own the consumer’s pocket when radio was the only portable media format, but that position has been challenged for some time and radio has been seeking a way to get audio back into every pocket and handbag. This technical breakthough may be one more step in achieving that aim.


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