Stamp celebrating 100 years of radio released by Australia Post

Attention philatelists – Australia Post have marked a century of radio broadcasting in Australia with a stamp illustrated by Harry Slaghekke and inspired by a 1940s Max Dupain photoshoot for the AWA Radiola.

The console is set to the “Music Lovers Hour” on 2BL, now known as ABC Radio Sydney. Initially called 2SB, 2BL made the first official broadcast in Australia on 23 November 1923.

Australia Post Executive General Manager Retail Catriona Noble said the stamp celebrates this important milestone:

“The introduction of broadcast radio established a connection between Australian communities and other countries, as well as being a much-loved source of entertainment and news. As an essential community service ourselves for more than 200 years, Australia Post knows just how important this form of communication and technology is to every Australian.

Harry Slaghekke has beautifully illustrated this iconic scene that is a snapshot into many Australian homes during the 1940s. It’s a great reminder of how far we’ve come technologically in the past 100 years.”

ABC Radio Sydney’s Sarah McDonald spoke to Harry Slaghekke about the brief behind the design.

He said:

“They found that that post war period around 1949 was an optimistic time, radio was on still its own. Television hadn’t made an impact yet. Everybody got their news, their entertainment, children had programs, teenagers. There were serials, dramas and comedy shows. They wanted something that was optimistic and captured the optimistic post war period.”

The stamp costs $1.20, and can also be purchased as a sheetlet pack and a sheetlet of ten stamps. For further information about how to collect yours visit

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