Station finds talent in rehab

Comment from Peter Saxon.  

We know that many stations are finding it hard to find talent… but normally they don’t recruit seasoned talk presenters straight from rehab.

As most readers will be aware, former 2GB afternoons host Chris Smith had his contract torn up after female staff complained of his inappropriate behaviour at a Christmas gathering last year.

Many in the industry thought the incident, not the first, would be career ending for Smith.

However, he’s been given a lifeline by online broadcaster TNT Radio.

Speaking with Bray Boland at our sister site, Radio Today, Smith was open about his situation and said the opportunity with TNT Radio came up through a chance encounter with “a mate from the media” while in rehab.“It’s ironic really. There I was in rehab in December last, and I met a mate from the media. He was there for alcohol abuse,” Smith said.

“After I left the facility, I came back weeks later because I’d heard he was leaving too. I just wanted to wish him luck on his mission to take grog out of his life.”

“As we shared a cuppa, he told me about TNT and the fact they were scouring the country for talkback hosts.”

“He put a good word in for me, I had a couple of interviews, and got the job. In fact they were generous with the shift I wanted and the remuneration.”

“The content will be big-issue territory… world politics, govt control, Ukraine, vaccines, climate alarmism, Pacific security, China, Russia… and all the big stories from Australia too,” Smith said.

“As for AJ, he is so informed and so opinionated, he’ll be diving into the global news, the culture wars, The Voice, superannuation lies and whatever he’s fired up about. I am so grateful for his loyal support and his role in my new show.”

“I’m a bit nervous already, but prepared enough to be confident. Let the games begin.”

As Smith says, “The content will be big-issue.”  

TNT Radio is a global online streaming talk radio station.

The website was developed by a web marketing company called Talking Dog Media and is registered in America. The website is also registered in America, with its ownership details redacted and unclear.

The station takes donations and accepts advertising, but it’s revenue model is unclear as it is not a public company

Editorial positioning of some of its content reflects the American Republican Party’s views. The station is building a range of presenters from all over the world and now has at least two shifts from Australia, plus some Australian news bulletins. Advertisements heard on air include messages not to trust covid vaccinations for children and information sourced from Russian media outlet Russia Today.

The station’s editorial standards page says:

The views expressed are the personal opinions of the experts named. They may not represent the views of TNT Radio or any other organisation unless specifically stated.”

The station’s positioning slogan is “Today’s News TalkLighting the Fuse for Freedom.”

It’s About page says the online news talk station is “dedicated to freedom globally” and explains its mission as:

From powerful Information Operations that determine how the public thinks about COVID-19 and the Ukrainian/Russian War, to the persecution of Julian Assange, TNT Radio covers the biggest topics of our time.

Get up to speed with the latest live news and current affairs presented by a host of credible and expert commentators who can separate fact from fiction, truth from propaganda.

TNT Radio discusses a wide range of topics including Climate Crisis, Pandemics, Covid19 Malfeasance, Big Tech Censorship, Digital Control, Government Tyranny, Corruption, Propaganda, Democracy.


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