Survey 1 lands this morning

It doesn’t get any easier to tip the winners.

The first round of the NRL season kicked off on the weekend. It was riddled with upsets. In some cases highly fancied teams like the Roosters that had bought big name players during the off-season such as James Tedesco were beaten by last year’s cellar dwellers, Wests Tigers, from which Tedesco was poached.

The Radio gods must be related to the Rugby League gods – they certainly share a similar sense of humour. One gets the impression there’ll be plenty of “funny” results when Survey 1 is released tomorrow morning at 9:30 – particularly in Melbourne.

If you’ll recall, in Survey 8 last year, ARN, having made the decision to blow up the breakfast shows on KIIS 101.1 and Gold 104.3 saw both put in strong performances worthy of a pay rise, not the sack. But, hey, that’s oldest joke in the Radio gods’ repertoire.

Who’s willing to bet that now that Talking Lifestyle is destined for the chop the brand won’t put in a blinder this morning?

Meanwhile the KIIS breakfast and Drive shows have hit the road running but GOLD remains without a stable Breakfast show while the station awaits its much vaunted new signing from the UK, Christian O’Connell. How will that affect Survey 1, 2018?

Will the addition of Grant Denyer to the 2Day breakfast shift make a dent in the shows ratings?

Then there’s Drive. With no Hamish and Andy will Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty streak further ahead or will they be challenged by ARN’s Will and Woody or SCA’s new lineup with Carrie and Tommy followed by Hughesy and Kate? Or will all of them be eclipsed by Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy (left) on Triple M?

All this and much more will be revealed at 9:30am today where you are invited to see the Survey 1 results first, right here on radioinfo along with our analysis, spin cycle, trend charts and our for-and-against table.