Survey 7 2013 Analysis: Networks and Cities

Kyle and Jackie’s 2Day breakfast show increased most in the Sydney breakfast timeslot. They leave 2Day at the end of this year.

Nova 100 knocked off Fox for number one FM spot in Melbourne. Hughesy and Kate leave at the end of this year.

Mix 94.5 is the new market leader in Perth. Triple j falls further.

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The Networks



It  seems a bitter sweet result for SCA with Kyle and Jackie O powering back to an 11.2 share of breakfast, helping 2Day-FM improve its overall share by a similar margin. Normally it would be cause for huge celebration, but it is kind of muted given that the talent won’t be there in 2014.

Happily Triple M’s Eddie McGuire along with Mick Molloy and the Hot Breakfast team in Melbourne isn’t going anywhere. The show and the station continues to improve.

Triple M in Sydney was steady shoing consistency in Breakfast and rise for Drive (With Merrick and the Highway Patrol also not returning next year) gaining but the daytime shifts remain inexplicably poor. Fox in Melbourne was pretty steady with a small dip.

In Brisbane both brands suffered losses, Triple M in particular diving 1.3 and the breakfast show shedding a wopping 2.2. Adelaide, though, was steady with barely a movement between the two SCA stations

Perth was a better result with Mix 95.5 regaining it’s crown and 92.9 scoring a modest gain.


Those who thought or hoped that last book’s Sydney figures for smoothfm were an aberration would be disappointed as the station jumped again to land on a remarkable 7.5 share. The brand’s Melbourne branch also enjoyed a healthy gain to land on a more modest total of 5.7.

And if the fact it’s once moribund frequencies are now living, breathing entities is not enough joy, the NOVA brand has gone to number one nationally 10+ in both Cume and Share with a 9.6 ahead of SCA’s Today on a 9.0% share.

The other big news was in Melbourne where NOVA 100 took on the mantle of number one FM, narrowly edging out FOX where the outgoing Matt & Jo failed to gain the kind of bounce that the outgoing Nova pair Hughesy and Kate put on 0.6 in breakfast.

The NOVAs went up in every market they contested. Can’t do better than that.


Perhaps the steadiest survey ARN’s content chief Duncan Campbell has ever had the pleasure to witness. The biggest gain was by the network’s biggest headache, MIX 106.5 in Sydney which went up by 0.6.

The largest drop suffered across the group was -0.8 by Brisbane’s 4KQ. No one’s head is expected to roll over that. Everywhere else both GOLD and MIX have remained relatively stable.

ARN stations remain top of the heap in both Brisbane and Adelaide.

Fairfax and MRN

For MRN both 2GB and 2CH took hits of -0.9 and -0.8 respectively. While the drop will mean little to 2GB which remains comfortably at number one in Sydney, 2CH lost almost 20% of it’s share going down from a 5.0 to 0.8 and if its audience continues to wander off onto the FM band and stumble upon smoothfm, the trend is likely to continue.

Meanwhile, in the Fairfax camp, there wasn’t much to get excited about either. There was a small upward blip by 2UE mirrored by a small downward blip by 3AW. Melbourne’s MAGIC like Sydney’s 2CH dropped 0.8.

In Brisbane both 4BC and 4BH continued their downward spiral while in, 6PR managed to wax on 0.4.

The Fairfax network’s one FM station 96FM relinquished the lead in Perth where Mix 94.5 has regained it once more.

ABC Local Radio

The steady rise that ABC’s local stations had enjoyed over the past few surveys has turned into decline in this one. Although Brisbane and Perth returned small gains, much larger ones were experienced in Sydney, Melbourne and to a lesser extent in Adelaide.

triple j

It was steady or with small rises in every market except Perth where listeners that had made the brand number one earlier in the year deserted it just as fast taking 2.2 off its share. 




First placed 2GB slipped slightly, down 0.9 to 12.1%, but well ahead of the rest of the pack.

2Day moved into second place after a good lift of 1.4 share points and a fall by ABC702, which saw 702 drop by 1.7 share points to 8.4%.

Smooth continued its rise, up 0.7 to 7.5%, which now has it sitting in 5th position, just below its DMG stabelmate Nova, which moved into 4th place after a gain of 0.2 brought it to 7.8%. WS. Mix 106.5 and Triple M now sit below the two DMG stations.

Nova won 10-17s, 2Day won 18-35s, 2GB won the over 40 demographics. 2GB won breakfast ahead of 2Day and ABC702.


There was little movement in Melbourne, but the movement that did take palce was good for Nova 100. Nova gained 0.9 share points, the biggest movement of the survey, bringing it to 8.6%, bumping out Fox for the number one FM title.

3AW remains top dog, down 0.3 to 13.2%, and ABC774 is second overall, down 0.8 to 11.4%. Nova comes in below those two AM talk stations in position three, ahead of Fox and Gold, which are placed 4th and 5th. Triple M, SEN and Smooth gained share this survey.

Nova won 10-39s. ABC774 won 40-54s and 3AW won the over 55 demographics. 3AW won breakfast ahead of ABC774 and Nova.


Triple M scored the biggest loss this survey, down 1.3 share points to 9.0%. Triple j had the biggest rise, up 1.3 to 9.7%.

Market leader 97.3FM slipped 0.1 to 13.2%, ahead of second placed Nova 106.9, up 0.5 to 12.5%. ABC612 moved into third palce with a gain of 0.2 bringing it to 10.6%, ahead of fourth places B105, down 0.5 to 10.0%.

B105 won 10-17s, Nova won 18-39s, 97.3 won 40-54s, 4KQ won 55-64 and ABC612 won the over 65s.

ABC612 won breakfast ahead of Nova and 97.3.


Mix 102.3 maintained its lead in Adelaide with a rise of 0.3 to 14.7% overall. ABC891 was second with 12.5%, down 0.5 share points. Third placed 5AA lost 0.4 to 11.7% and fourth placed Nova 91.9 gained 0.3 to 11.4%.

Nova won the 10-39 demographics, Mix won 40-54s, and ABC891 won the over 55s.

ABC891 won breakfast ahead of 5AA.


Mix 94.5 jumped into the lead with a gain of 1.3 share points, bringing it to 13.5%. Previous leader 92.9 droped to third place, with a fall of 1.0 share points to 11.5%. Nova 93.7 gained 0.3 to move into second place with 12.4%.

Triple j continued to fall, losing 2.2 share points to 9.0%.

Nova won 10-17s, 92.9 won 18-24s, triple j won 25-39s, Mix won 40-54s, ABC720 won the over 55s.

ABC720 won breakfast ahead of Mix 94.5.



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