Survey One changed to avoid bad weather

CRA’s research committee has agreed to a change in the way survey one is rolled together from next year.


To counteract the disruptive effects of bad weather in the first radio survey of each year, the 2013 survey schedule will see the results of survey 8 the previous year, rolled into survey 1 of the following year. Survey 1 will also begin one week later than in the past.

As with other rolling survey waves, this method will smooth out seasonal anomalies which saw last year’s Brisbane survey 1 results scrapped after floods and bad weather made it difficult for the Nielsen team to collect and collate survey diaries.

The combined survey 8 and 1 results will then roll into survey 2, and the normal rolling survey methodology will continue as usual after that. The full rolling survey schedule for 2013 is below.

Nielsen’s survey contract ends at the close of the final survey for 2013, and a new contract tender process is now under way.