Sydney, you broke a record…

 “I’m not OK, I want my mum,” was the plea from Hope 103.2’s Dan Widdowson, after the 50th blanket was placed on top of him, breaking a world record.
The stunt was part of the Hope 103.2 Blanket Appeal for Parramatta Mission, in which listeners donated hundreds of blankets to help Sydney’s homeless.
Dan, of the radio station’s breakfast duo Dan & Dwayne, was buried under 50 blankets to draw attention to the cause.
The exercise was all the more entertaining given Dan has claustrophobia as “my brother used to smother me in blankets”.
They broke the record reaching 50, according to Dwayne’s commentary. A close watch of the video reveals the number is closer to 52.


The previous world record for blankets on a person, according to was 42 – set by teenager Kurt Maiser of Holden, Massachusetts, USA on January 1, 2015.

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