SYN community manager Laura Green departs

Laura Green is departing Melbourne’s SYN radio station after one year as community manager and six as a volunteer.

She said:

“SYN built my confidence and gave me community in a city that was completely new to me. I went into volunteering here as a baby gay and came out a full-fledged queer, and I know that that’s not just me. SYN lets you be yourself.

Last year was a massive one and something which I think shook a lot of us due to the uncertainty of the station’s future at the time. It’s been a lesson for me in not taking my community for granted.

It’s going to be surreal for me to leave this place, especially with my SYN death looming in just a few weeks. You only get to be 12-25 years-old 14 times, as they say. SYN and I are so over, but I think that’s the point – the cycle of SYN. Long live community radio. Long live SYN.”

Green’s last day is Friday May 17.

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