Talkback the next step for Jonesy and Amanda: says he

Matt & Bruno probe Brendan “Jonesy” Jones.

In the first Matt & Bruno: The Probe for 2015 the boys take on Jonesy, the other half of the high rating Jones and Amanda on WSFM.

Listen as he tells …

– How he nearly got fired for encouraging kids to take drugs

– His biggest regret following the show’s recent interview with One Direction

– His showdown with Simply Red’s Mike Hucknall

– How deliberately upsetting Amanda results in better radio

– How talk back radio is the show’s next step …

Jonesy’s best line: I’m not jealous of Kyle. My wife is. She’ll say to me, “Look at the money Kyle gets, Look at the car he drives. Look at Kyle’s house.” And I say, yes and look at the hot 22  year old he’s got.

To hear more of Matt & Bruno: The Probe, go here.


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