Test yourself… fail better: Andrew Denton’s 7 tips for success

In a keynote speech full of laughs and radio anecdotes, Andrew Denton outlined his seven tips for success.

1. Be hungry

“I don’t often agree with Alan Jones but I admire his hunger and passion. The work he puts in is because he still remains hungry even after all this time.” Denton said, to succeed, you need to have hunger and passion.

2. Look left

“Surprise your audience and yourself. Look somewhere that other people aren’t looking. He quoted a line from an Enough Rope interview: “Be yourself because everyone else is taken.”

3. Embrace roadblocks, don’t be intimidated

“The roadblocks are an invitation to do things better.”

4. Shut up and Listen

“Listen to what is out there, don’t just be the one doing all the talking.” The Chaser was an example of that – he took a meeting with the guys who pitched the idea of the Chaser just to listen to their idea. He had never produced a tv show before. The rest is history, it resulted in hugely successful The Chaser tv show.

5. Shut down and daydream

“It helps reveal things that are hidden in plain sight. Seek solitude and silence. Deal with the little satan in your pocket – the phone. Walk away from the phone, it’s addictive. Seek silence, it is your friend.”

6. Test Yourself

“Do something that you are afraid of.”

7. Fail Better

“Nobody knows what’s going to work. Be afraid of failing but then get over it, otherwise you will get stuck.

“Just because you got it wrong doesn’t mean you failed.  Creative faulure is not when the audience doesn’t like it or ratings are not good, the real creative failure is when you lose the will to do something dfferent.”


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